Our Price List

Here you will find an extract from our price catalog.

Alterations on soft textiles

Pants, shorten/lengthen $15-$20
Pants, change waistband $15-$30
Skirt, shorten/lengthen $18-$22
Skirt, change waistband $15-$25
Suit jacket, shorten sleeves $25-$35
Blouse, shorten sleeves $20-$25
Blouse, shorten $15-25
Blouse, narrow tank top $25-$35
Pullover/Sweater, shorten sleeves $15-$20
Zipper replacement/repair $15-$25
Swin Suit repairs $15-$35
Button sewing $1-$3

Alterations on request:

  • Made to measure
  • Leather, suede and fur alterations
  • Curtains and other home fabrics
  • Other repair work
  • Rush orders